Saturday, August 18, 2007

The forthcoming Qualcomm blog

Qualcomm is running a survey about its website on its website. What was most interesting were the last two questions:
Do you see a need for a message board or a blog on
     ( ) Yes
     ( ) No

If did offer a blog, what type of information would you like to see? (check all that apply)
     [ ] Executive blog
     [ ] QUALCOMM media updates
     [ ] QUALCOMM technology news
     [ ] General technology news
My question is: why? Is Qualcomm working on a blogging policy? Is CEO Paul Jacobs going to start blogging like Sun Microsystems’ CEO, Jonathan Schwartz? What benefit would such a blog bring?

The only executive blog that I find plausible is that of Bob Sutor, the IBM VP for standards and open source. How many employees are in his chain of command? 10? 100?

Conversely, does anyone believe that a CEO writes his own blog? Would this be the best use of time for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company with billions in revenues and 8,500 employees?

Is this hypocritical? I’m a tenured faculty member, managing 0 people, trying to flog a book. Given Paul’s total compensation (not counting stock options) was $2.7 million last year, my opportunity cost must be less than 5% of his.

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