Friday, July 4, 2008

Best deal in town

This is off-topic but is something I wanted to share with my only San Diego audience of my four blogs.

One of the best kept secrets for North County parents is the City of Oceanside summer surf camp. It follows the normal day camp model — a few adults, mostly teen camp counselors — except that the kids spend all day at the beach surfing.

The program runs from 8-3 every day (except July 4th) north of the Oceanside Pier. At the end of the week the kids have a surfing contest at three levels (beginning, intermediate, advanced) judged by the counselors, who award small prizes and consolation prizes donated by local surf shops (e.g. a surfing poster).

This week was the third year in a row that our daughter did the camp, and she’s always had a great time. We encouraged some of her friends from San Pasqual to do it and the two kids also had a great time this week. Our neighbor in Oceanside can’t get his teenager to do it, but his nephews spend two weeks every year in the program. The program is open to residents and non-residents ages 8-16 who can pass a rudimentary swim test.

The best thing of all his the price — $135/week for a 7-hour camp — cheaper than daycare and a heck of a lot more fun. Unlike Carlsbad, Oceanside does not surcharge out of town participants in its recreation programs. The city has a pretty terrible website — with only last year’s brochure up as a PDF — but the Aquatics Department will mail out a form if you call them (760-435-5235).

Photo: winner of the Oceanside swim camp July 3rd intermediate competition.

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