Thursday, October 9, 2008

Verizon picks BlackBerry over gPhone

Beyond merely selling various commodity Korean phones, Verizon Wireless needed a phone to compete with the iPhone and the recent T-Mobile G1 (aka gPhone). They went with the new BlackBerry 9530, which many see as an iPhone killer.

Many have said that the BlackBerry (“Storm”) has Qualcomm inside, but strangely, there is no Qualcomm press release this week to correspond to the one it issued two weeks ago with the G1 intro.

The 9530 supports the widest available range of 3G networks: EV-DO on two bands of cdma2000 networks, as well HSDPA/HSUPA or EDGE on five different bands of GSM or W-CDMA service. Those specs exactly match the Qualcomm MSM7210A, a new chip at the heart of more than a dozen new phones released this year.

At least one site claims the phone uses a Marvel PXA930, but Marvell doesn’t claim the phone either. The PXA930 is in the BlackBerry Bold, but since it doesn’t support cdma2000, the association is implausible.

Interestingly, the Verizon Wireless parent Vodafone will not be carrying the 9530, but the non-CDMA BlackBerry 9500. That means that Verizon subscribers can roam to Vodafone in Europe (as with the BlackBerry 8830), but Vodafone subscribers have to roam to one of Verizon’s competitors when they come to the US.

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