Saturday, July 28, 2007

Qualcomm: Broadcom doesn’t want to deal

A little bit more came out this week about the Qualcomm-Broadcom impasse, during the Qualcomm quarterly earnings call. Dow Jones reported:
Jacobs, speaking during a conference call to discuss its quarterly report, said Broadcom wants its customers to be exempt from paying Qualcomm licensing fees for a large chunck of its intellectual property portfolio as part of a settlement.

"That is unacceptable," Jacobs said. "We continue to believe the rulings are wrong."

President Steve Altman said that Broadcom is arguing that since it is exempt from licensing fees, it's customers should be, too.

But David Rossman, who heads of up intellectual property litigation for Broadcom, said, "a solution with Qualcomm will not eliminate their licensing program."
Obviously we’re not getting the whole picture about what’s being offered behind the scenes — but clearly Qualcomm believes that settling on the current terms would undercut its business model.

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