Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Symbolic Snapdragon success

The new Google Nexus One incorporates a 1 GHz QSD 8250 “Snapdragon” processor, part of a series of design wins that includes the Google G1.

I think there are two aspects to this announcement.

First, Snapdragon has been recently promoted as the heart of the Qualcomm-promoted “smartbook” and its push beyond the cellphone, and indeed Lenovo announced a Snapdragon-powered smartbook on Tuesday.

In other words, the Snapdragon is a new, market-creating processor but its most important sale in 2010 could be in QCT’s traditional core market, high-end cellphones.

Second, the announcement validates Qualcomm’s strategic commitment to Android, and perhaps suggests that its Android bet may displace its bets on various other operating systems.

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